Secrets behind Harvesting Pea Shoots in the Hydroponic Way

Secrets behind Harvesting Pea Shoots in the Hydroponic Way

The gradual popularity of hydroponic farming is probably the best thing that is spreading in the world of farming. These tiny green plants are not only healthy but have rich flavors imbibed in them. Pea shoots are among the most delicate microgreens that chefs around the world show have begun to display in their finely crafted delicacies.

Why Pea Shoots?

There are different varieties of pea shoots that are generally harvested in the hydroponic farms and the tastes vary accordingly. Because these are easy to grow, most growers experiment with more than one variety of pea shoots and generally the results are also satisfying. Less time consumption with rich outputs is one of the biggest secrets of hydroponic growers.

Secrets for Harvesting Pea Shoots

One big benefit of growing pea shoots lies in the fact that it is not only the pea that can be used! Once it is fully grown, many parts of the pea are edible including flowers, shoots, and tendrils. These can either be grown as fresh gourmet and fresh vegetables or can also be used as attractive garnishes on different dishes. 

Here are some interesting secrets of growing fresh peas using hydroponic systems.

Can be produced around the year
Traditionally, peas require a favorable climate to grow healthy and with the change of seasons, they are available only on a seasonal basis. However, with hydroponic farming systems, peas and pea shoots can be produced year round and also in many traditional varieties.

Freedom of growing different varieties
Pea shoots are found in different varieties and the leaves are usually herbal, slightly sweet with a grassy flavor to them, but they taste just the same as peas. Since pea shoots are available in different varieties, hydroponic farming gives the freedom of producing all the varieties in one place. Some of the different varieties include yellow, purple or the traditional green varieties.

Easy to grow
Hydroponic farming is all about harvesting the crops at the right stage before the young seed starts to develop into a mature one. It is similar to pea shoots. Plants should be harvested in the correct stage to get the best microgreen output. There are two types of edible pea flowers, including the white-flowered types and the red varieties.

When it comes to pea shoot cultivation in hydroponic systems, space can sometimes be an issue, but the best part is that plants can also be grown in limited spaces, provided there is proper planning done. For example, one can choose to cultivate the shorter varieties of pea shoots as they can be planted in double rows or even in groups so that these plants can support each other.

Since the pea shoots are provided with all the essential nutrients from the very first stage, they can provide considerable nutritious value. They are low in calories but offer a good source of vitamin C, fiber and beta carotene. In addition to the nutritious value, the plants are also free of fertilizers and any other form of added chemicals. That makes them doubly healthy.

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