Why Hydroponic Farming is the Better Choice

Why Hydroponic Farming is the Better Choice

Hydroponic farming is not the same as organic farming and using hydroponics actually provides a lot more benefits than other forms of farming. Over the years hydroponic farming has become increasingly popular for the added benefits in both production and output. Because this method doesn't use soil for growing plants and completely stays away from harmful fertilizers, it already saves a significant amount of expense that owners would otherwise incur.  

Here are some powerful reasons to consider hydroponic farming:

No Specific Weather Conditions

Unlike soil-based farming, hydroponic farming stands as a strong alternative when it comes to growing seasonal plants and vegetables. Several plants that are beneficial for humans can't be enjoyed throughout the year because of their reliance on seasonal attributes. However, with hydroponic farming you can acquire more predictable output throughout the year without worrying about the season.

Estimation vs Predictability

Hydroponic farming is an organized and planned form of farming through which water is supplied to the plant with the exact amount of minerals that it needs. It also uses fewer quantities of materials that are needed by the plants. The use of estimation for providing plants with the right amount of nutrients helps owners better predict output and get the most out of their investment. 

Favorable for Large Scale Agricultural Operations

Organic farming is superior to the traditional method of farming but hydroponic is superior to both, especially to large scale industries. These industries cannot afford to suffer frequent losses in terms of inferior quality of production and long duration production methods. As such, to get the best-possible results, this form of farming is often the first choice for large scale agricultural operations.

Location and Time 

It's easy to grow crops using hydroponic gardening as it requires less time from start to finish. Besides helping farmers to save time, hydroponic farming is also done in a very controlled environment and doesn’t need any special climatic or locational attributes, making it easy to develop in strategic areas, also cutting down on transportation costs. 

A Safe and Convenient method

Hydroponic farming is considered safe in many ways. It not only saves a substantial amount of water but also avoids the harmful chemicals that are often used in other farming methods. This makes it safe for the environment as well as for consumption by people and animals.

No Pesticides

Hydroponic farming provides the plants with the exact quantities of needed nutrients through water and plants are also grown in a controlled environment, hence it keeps away flies and other insects. This eliminates the need for artificial and harmful pesticides. That alone makes hydroponics a better choice than the more traditional methods of farming.

Option of Growing Varieties

You have the option of growing a variety of edible plants indoors using hydroponic farming. These plants do not need much sunlight and farmers can make a profit in a short time.

Hydroponics provides you with extreme control over your seedlings allowing the plants to grow much faster and giving you the ability to easily control crop sizes.  At AGreen Farms we've chosen to use hydroponic farming for our micro greens and edible flowers and herbs because it helps us to control our urban farming environment, quickly test out new varietals, and meet the demand of both chefs and at-home consumers!