AGreen Farms is an indoor vertical hydroponic farm employing the latest indoor agricultural technology, allowing us to customize the garnish experience for chefs, restaurants, and select hospitality establishments. Offering specialty greens, herbs and edible flowers locally grown with love in the great city of Philadelphia!

Since microgreens and other garnishes pack such high nutritional value and are highly perishable, AGreen Farms stands out from other producers by being the only local farm that can harvest and deliver to Philadelphia restaurants in the same day. No distributors! We are here to satisfy the needs of our customers by providing unparalleled quality and customer service.

AGreen Farms’ technology in hydroponic farming recreates the environment to optimize crops for the best flavor, texture and aesthetics to elevate a chef’s garnishes to new heights! Previously, chefs have had to accept that premium garnishes come at an ultra-premium price and an added shipping cost. No longer! Our free delivery for our Philadelphia clients ensures that chefs are receiving the local premium garnishes at an unprecedented price! Based on our detailed environmental controls AGreen Farms can guarantee the cleanest and highest quality garnishes available.

As lovers of farm-fresh food and shopping at farmers markets ourselves, receiving garnishes through a distributor does not cut it for our high standards. You will be amazed by the quality AGreen Farms can deliver to you just hours after harvest, not after days while sitting on a trucks and airplanes.

We believe we have all of the ingredients in our farm to qualify ourselves to be the preeminent artisans of garnishing your favorite dishes with the highest quality products on the market.

AGreen Farms employs strict food safety measures and complies with GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and purchases only organic and untreated seeds. Our chefs can feel proud that their guests are receiving the best of the best by choosing their establishment.

By partnering with AGreen Farms, you can feel confident in having the highest quality produce that can be customized to your individual restaurant or business’s needs.