Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why should I buy from The Chef’s Garden?
  • How can I purchase from The Chef’s Garden?
  • Is there a minimum order quantity?
  • Where do you ship?
  • Do you ship internationally?
  • How do you ship orders?
  • Am I able to get an order for delivery tomorrow?

Why buy from AGreen Farms?

Since microgreens and garnishes pack such high nutritional value and are highly perishable, AGreen Farms can stand out from other suppliers by being the only local farm that can harvest and deliver to Philadelphia restaurants in the same day. No distributors! We are here to satisfy the needs of our customers by providing unparalleled customer service.

AGreen Farms has employed the latest technology in hydroponic farming to optimize crops for the best flavor, texture and aesthetics to elevate a chefs carefully considered creations. By recreating the environment each plant desires indoors, AGreen Farms can guarantee having the cleanest and highest quality garnishes available.

As lovers of farmers markets and farm-fresh food ourselves, receiving garnishes through a distributor does not cut it for our incredibly high standards. You will be amazed by the quality AGreen Farms can deliver to you just hours after harvest, not after days while sitting on a trucks or airplanes.

We believe we have all of the ingredients in our farm to qualify ourselves to be the preeminent artisans of garnishing your favorite dishes with the highest quality products on the market.

How can I purchase from AGreen Farms?

Orders can be placed through the website 24/7 365 days per year or call or email  Adam @ 609-313-8466 /

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Minimum Order is $25

Where do you deliver?

We can deliver to all of our clients in Philadelphia and ship throughout the United States via UPS next day to all areas.

Is pickup available?

Yes, call Adam or text Adam at 609-313-8466 to set up a pick up time!

Do you offer tours?

Due to our strict food safety measures we do not offer tours to the general public.

If you are a professional chef interested in becoming a client, we will provide a free consultation showing you how AGreen Farms can best suit your culinary needs with an exclusive private tour!

How do you ship orders?

Within Philadelphia we deliver orders over $100 by our own staff.  Outside of Philadelphia all orders are delivered by UPS

Is there a charge delivery?

For delivery locations within Philadelphia to restaurants and other commercial customers delivery is free on all orders of $50 or more

For delivery locations outside of Philadelphia delivery is free on orders over $100.  For orders under $100 shipping charges will determined by weight and destination zip code. Customer will be billed for all incurred shipping charges.

Our products are perishable and are sent with gel packs via overnight delivery by the most economical carrier of our choice. (see shipping charges)

Am I able to get an order for delivery tomorrow?

Are there order deadlines or cut off times?

For delivery locations within Philadelphia:

Delivery days in Philadelphia are Tuesday's and Friday's. Orders must placed by 12pm the prior day. 

For delivery locations outside of Philadelphia:

All orders need to be placed by 12pm ET on Monday's and Thursday's.  Orders will be harvested, packaged and shipped the same day.  Expected delivery within the zone map below using ground service will be on Tuesday's and Friday's.  See shipping charges below

 How can I track my order

Once your order has been processed you can log in to AGreen Farms web-site and see the status of your order.. When the order has been shipped, you will receive an email with the tracking number.

If I am not satisfied with my order when it is received, what should I do?

100% customer satisfaction is our #1 goal at AGreen Farms although we do not take returns.  If your order does not arrive in perfect condition please contact Adam immediately a 609-313-8466 or email at

Are AGreen's products organically grown?

At this time, organic certification is difficult to obtain as a soilless farm because of the complexity of the issue. Although AGreen Farms uses 95% less water than traditional farms, utilizes fallow urban ex-retail space, does not contribute to agricultural runoff, never sprays pesticides, and sources seeds from the nation's top organic and non-GMO seed vendors, we are unable to obtain the organic certification at this time.

What are AGreen Farms Sizing Standards

Due to AGreen Farms’ exceptional ability to control the environment, each of our varieties can be harvested at the size of your choosing. The size of the plant typically alters the texture, flavor and aesthetics that each variety has to offer.
AGreen Farms employs the terminology below to precisely locate the size or stage of growth you would like for your establishments needs.

Micro 1”-2”
Petite - 2”-3.5"
Full - Full Size
Bloom - Flowering Stage

NOTE: If AGreen Farms is not growing an individual variety to your size specifications, please make a request through our contact form.